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types of joints and connections shall be prohibited: 1. Cement or concrete joints. 2. Joints made with fittings not approved for the specific 609.5 Prohibited water closet and clinical sink supply. Jet-or water-supplied orifices, except those supplied by the flush ... Get Document

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WhaT TyPES oF DuaL-FLuSh waTEr CLoSETS arE aVaILaBLE? Gravity dual-flushtank water closets have been available for company’s water closet has been used successfully in Australia for many years where potable water often is in short supply due ... Return Document

Water closet shall be wall hung, vitreous china, blow out type, elongated bowl, 40 mm back spud; with solid plastic, open front elongated seat with check hinges of the following types or equal: 9. American Standard. Crane Kohler Closet "Instanto" 2511.012 "Rapidway" ... View Full Source

Serviced by animals such as pigs, etc. and all latrines other than the pit and the water closet types of latrine Note: the definitions adopted for baseline sanitation survey follow the above definitions. ... View Document

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Different types of closet there were before the 20 th century. The researcher was lucky enough to visit museums both here in Austria and in England, some of water closet called the ‘Pedestal Vase’ (Eveleigh, 2002, p. 117). ... Access Doc

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Actuator Types: (please check one) £ MBFW Metal Button Fixture Wall Actuator (HY-100-A) (rear access) Water Closet Flushometer, for Stainless Steel back spud water closets, Combination Fixtures Sloan Model 9603, BAA Compliant Created Date: ... Get Document

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Do not use harsh or caustic chemicals such as drain opening types in this system. These products will damage the vitreous finish. 2. Do not Repair parts and maintenance guide for Sloan's wall hung water closet series. Keywords: wall hung, bedpan lugs, dual-flush, top spud, vitreous china ... Access Full Source

Vide for the minimum number of fixtures for various types of occupancies. 401.2Prohibitedfixturesandconnections.Waterclosetshav-ingaconcealedtrapsealoranunventilatedspaceorhavingwalls Wall-hung water closet bowls shall be supported by a con- ... View This Document

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The daily uses for various occupancy types represented in the selected fixture usage group. The table below is a snapshot of an example Flush Fixture Data table from the the male water closet usage, there is 1 full-flush usage per day; unless urinals are not ... Access Doc

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Water Closet (Flush tank) Private 3 3 -- Lavatory (Faucet) Private 1 ¾ Bathtub (Faucet) Private 2 1-1/2 1-1/2 Shower Head (Mix valve) Private There are two main types of hot water systems: storage water heaters and continuous flow water ... Fetch This Document

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3XX Water Closet and Urinal Sanitizers 17. 3XX Mirrors 18. 3XX Wash Areas 18. 3XX Mop Sink 18. 3XX Diaper Changing Station 18. Types of cleanouts include a removable plug or cap, and a removable fixture or fixture trap. 201.11 CONCEALED FOULING SURFACE. ... Retrieve Full Source

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• required types and methods of testing and inspection of the plumbing system. A Sample Question from the Plumbing Inspector Examination: B. Water closet C. Lavatory D. Kitchen sink Chapter on Indirect and Special Wastes ... View Doc

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types of patrons. Some patrons who do not feel safe and com-fortable using the standard fixture might wait until they go Plus-size Plumbing Fixtures and Design water closet that is designed to carry a patient weighing 1,000 pounds or more. ... Get Content Here

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Which includes service toilets and all toilets other than the pit and the water closet types. About one third toilets were reported to be those which have water closets fitted with flushing cistern. Such toilets ... Access Full Source

4 Different Water Closet Technology Types (See Appendix A for Each Water Closet’s Flush Curve) • When capturing a flush curve, the configuration (opened vent stack, closed vent stack, or straight pipe discharge is insignificant. This is due ... Doc Viewer

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If a fourth water closet is connected to a Building Drain, value of each fixture or group of fixtures and adheres to applicable codes regulating minimum sizes types of fixtures. A water closet cannot be connected to any pipe smaller than 3”, ... Return Document

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The center of a water closet shall be _____ from a side-wall or partition . In bathrooms having six or more water closets and a larger stall width than 36”, the water . There are two types of shower design and are: _____ Type and _____ Type. All ... Fetch Full Source

6.6.5 Types of waste to be put in the bin meant for food waste and biodegradable wastes Water closet latrine (WC): The sanitary water flush latrines are those latrines that have water closets fitted with flushing cistern. ... Document Viewer