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Can we tell who hears Hamlet’s scene 1 soliloquy? Can we tell whether Hamlet is aware he’s being spied on? What difference would these performance choices make? What does Hamlet reveal in his treatment of Gertrude in the closet scene? ... View Document

To Be And Not To Be The Archetypal Form Of Hamlet Author(s ...
Device, furthermore, leads Hamlet nowhere except to the closet scene and a voyage toward England. But dramatically, rhythmically, the device weakens Claudius and strengthens Hamlet. We are exhilarated for Hamlet as we watch the King's discomfiture. Besides ... Read Here

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Scene 1 NUNNERY SCENE Hamlet and Ophelia Scene 2 MOUSETRAP SCENE Hamlet and players Play within a play Scene 3 PRAYER SCENE Claudius/Hamlet Scene 4 CLOSET SCENE Gertrude/Hamlet Death of Polonius Scene 1 To be, or not to be: that is the question: ... Access This Document

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Hamlet can also use the scene portraying his father’s murder to observe Claudius’ and Gertrude’s reactions. Consider how the episode of Hamlet in Ophelia’s closet promises to contribute to the overall calamity of the tragic plot? 4. ... View Full Source

Androgynous “Union” And The Women In Hamlet
But in the closet scene Hamlet adopts a more "masculine" position, asking his father not to look upon him with pity lest he "convert / My stern effects. Then what I have to do / Will want true colour--tears perchance for blood" (3.4.128-30). ... Visit Document

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In Act II, scene ii, lines 261-262, when Hamlet says to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, “My lord, as I was sewing in my closet, / Lord Hamlet with his doublet all unbraced, / No hat upon his head, his stockings fouled, / Ungart’red, and down-gyved to his ankle, ... Retrieve Content

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Why is the Queen frightened in the “closet scene”? What does Hamlet mean in his lines 32 – 33 (p. 173)? In his long speech (lines 54 – 89, p. 173-175), what allusion & diction of disgust is Hamlet using to convince his mother to avoid? ... View Full Source

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But, in the closet scene, Hamlet seems to realize that behavior can do “more than confirm the inmost part. It can also modify or transform it” (722). He directs Gertrude to “Assume a virtue” (3.4.162), “not a false appearance, ... Return Document

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¶2 Family obligations animate Booth’s actions in the closet scene as well. V. Hamlet’s Killings: Complication (a list) ¶1 However, these two aspects of gentlemanliness present their ... Document Retrieval

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Hamlet – Gertrude Study. Act 1 Scene 2. We see that the Queen’s new marriage is seen as a rush. Act 3 Scene 4 – The ‘closetscene is one of the dramatic climaxes of the play as it’s the only time we see mother and son alone together. ... Retrieve Full Source

Gertrude’s attitude toward Hamlet in the “closet” scene . Hamlet’s soliloquy (“How all occasions do inform against me…”) Gertrude’s attitude toward Ophelia’s madness. Laretes’ attitude toward Ophelia’s madness. ... Retrieve Doc

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Comment on the famous “closet scene.” How does Hamlet treat Gertrude? What happens, and how does Hamlet respond? Explicate Hamlet’s invective against his mother (l. 40-51; 53-88). How does Ophelia respond? Why does King Hamlet’s ghost appear? ... View Document

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closet scene and on to Hamlet’s departure for England? Before the play? Too early, surely? What about two intervals? One when Hamlet decides not to rely solely on the evidence of the Ghost but to set The Mousetrap, and perhaps one just before the ... Access Doc

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Act 3, Scene 4: The Queen's closet. Closet scene. 1. What does Polonius urge the Queen to do? 2. Grave Scene Hamlet's death Title: Act 1, Scene 1: Elsinore Author: ddecicco Last modified by: ddecicco Created Date: 2/16/2011 4:54:00 PM Company: ... Doc Viewer

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Hamlet Scene 2 Claudius with Ros and Gild Polonius’s report Hamlet and fishmonger Players/Pyrrhus “The play’s the thing” Scene 1 NUNNERY SCENE Hamlet and Ophelia Scene 2 MOUSETRAP SCENE Hamlet and players Play within a play Scene 3 PRAYER SCENE Claudius/Hamlet Scene 4 CLOSET ... Access Content

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What is Hamlet up to in this scene? Why is he treating Ophelia this way? Why Ophelia, of all people? Does Hamlet love Ophelia? If not, how does he show this? The Closet Scene (20 min) Review 3.4. What is going on? What state is Hamlet in? Gertrude? Polonius? ... Fetch Document

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How is this turn compounded by Hamlet's actions in the 'Closet Scene' (III.iv)? 3. a) Why do you think that Hamlet's soliloquy in the 'Prayer Scene' (III.iii) was cut from performances of the play for nearly 200 years? ... Get Content Here

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(Scene 4)Examine the Closet Scene. Some critics see Hamlet as having an Oedipal complex (wanting to marry his mother). Do you see evidence of this? Some critics see Hamlet as misogynistic (hatred of women). ... Retrieve Here

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Of the First Quarto of Hamlet Jesús Tronch Pérez UNIVERSITAT DE VALÈNCIA It is relatively known that the First Quarto of Hamlet (1603), closet scene unambiguously denies any complicity with the murder of Hamlet’s father and vows to ... Retrieve Content