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If at any time there is an error, the tcp::iostream class’s error() tcp::socket socket(io_service); When a synchronous connect operation is performed, • Your connection dropped out. ... Document Retrieval

Perl And UNIX Network Programming
Read() / write() close() Perl Network Programming BSD Socket API with Perl use IO::Socket blocking Select->new(); $s->add(\*STDIN); $s->add($some_handle); @ready = $s->can_read($timeout); # block my $listen_socket = IO::Socket::INET->new() or die $@; my $select = IO::Select->new or ... Retrieve Content

Close to ideal for high concurrency / high throughput, single execution stack Socket.IO (community module) gets out of your way ... Visit Document

Pfexec Bootadm Set-menu timeout=5
$socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => $remote_host, PeerPort => $remote_port, Proto => "tcp", Type => SOCK_STREAM, Timeout => 5 ); if close($socket); system("xterm -geometry 100x24 -sb -sl 5000 -T $remote_host -n $remote_host -e ssh -X $remote_host &"); exit 0;} else ... Fetch Content

RS 4200
1 Contents Safety instructions .. 2 The RS 4200 stethoset receiver system .. 3 ... Read Document

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消息处理原语 send (pid, send_message) message * receive (timeout) reply (received _message, send_message) 2009 11 51.com系统架构组 Socket IO API 实现 接口 socket_accept socket_connect socket_read socket_write file_read file_write open stat close ... Get Content Here

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Time to Create First Worker No IE Support with out plugins and Hackery WebGL Running in Web Worker Swapping Memory Buffer rather than copy + + Socket.close() Nitty Gritty 2 Bytes Overhead Per Message ... Retrieve Content

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• Low Latency, Real-time Data ? // Close WebSocket mySocket.close(); JavaScript Using the WebSocket API . 50! WebSocket Handshake . 51! • Node.js / • This slide is forever out of date… 63! Got WebSocket ! Now what ? 64! ... Return Doc

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# Open the file @lines = <INFO>; # Read it into an array close(INFO); # Close the file Object-Oriented Network Programming Some basic modules: IO::Socket IO::Socket::INET, IO::Socket::UNIX Socket Methods: accept([PKG]) timeout([VAL]) Set or get the timeout value ... Access Doc

Lab 11: WebSockets
Void close([Clamp] optional unsigned short code, optional DOMString reason); Every time the page reloads you should get an alert message. 4. You might want to check out which is a JavaScript library for WebSocket, ... Document Viewer

A Short Visit To Perl IRC Bot
My $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => $_[3], PeerPort => $_[4], my $time_out = time; for(;;) {my @handles = $irc_select->can_read(1); if((time - $time_out) > $sTimeOut) close(STDIN); close(STDOUT); close(STDERR);} ... Retrieve Here

CS306: Introduction To Perl
Over time. TIMTOWTDI is a double-edged sword. Slide 15 $socket = IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr => $remote_host, Always print out a proper header (and only one). It’s generally appropriate to do this near the top of ... Doc Viewer

(int nfds, fd_set FAR * readfds, fd_set FAR * writefds, fd_set FAR * exceptfds, const struct timeval FAR * timeout); 来改变Socket IO模式,也从不调用WSAAsyncSelect()和WSAEventSelect() FD_CLOSE 希望在套接字s关闭时接到通知 . 表2. ... View Doc