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Introduction To Culture And Literature
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Epistemology stands in a close and special relationship to each of these disciplines. This point was codified in 20th-century epistemic logic as the axiom “If X knows that p, If someone objects that he can imagine trees or books in a closet unperceived, ... Access Document

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2. Students will analyze and evaluate civic issues by engaging in active and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, “Axiom Two” from Epistemology of the Closet Identity/Difference/Essentialism Tuesday, April 20: Performing Identities (no reading for today) ... Doc Viewer

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With uncanny perception, the housemother ripped open the closet door and confronted him standing there stiff and frozen. “What are you doing in there Joining empiricism and logical consistency in epistemology provided the basis for the impressive progress science continues to ... Doc Viewer

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Final axiom of Epistemology of the Closet to the matter at hand, albeit in a different rhetorical key and with a much fuller rendering of the complexities of identification both across identities and within them: “The paths of allo- ... Fetch Full Source

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Locke was as concerned with epistemology as he was with political It is an axiom that he derived from the Bible, but not on the basis of any text or claim to literalism. Rather, for See, e.g., Perry, supra note 253 at 59-60; Ginia Bellafante, In the Heartland and Out of the Closet, ... Fetch Content

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1.2 Cuerpos Productivos 18. 1.3 La Multitud de los Pobres 27. DE CORPORE 1: Biopolítica como evento 36. Parte 2 40. Modernidad (y los paisajes de la altermodernidad) 40. 2.1 Antimodernidad como Resistencia 41. 2.2 Ambivalencias de la modernidad 50. ... Fetch Document

Part I: A History And Logical Map Of States Of Affairs
However, as we are going to see in section 5.2, “There is a skeleton in the closet of philosophical logic. “Heidi is the wife of Hans:” and “hans is the husband of Heidi” (again, inverse relations), c) The Axiom of Choice and Zorn’s Lemma (Rosado’s example), d) ... View Full Source

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No wonder Revelation 2:17 and 19:12 alludes to a name that no man knows. And these two commandments co-work as one tri-directional axiom—LOVE—first to LOVE YHWH, secondly to LOVE others (neighbors) and thirdly to LOVE thy self ... Access Full Source

Sexualities Without Genders And Other Queer Utopias
In Epistemology of the Closet, Sedgwick generates a set of axioms for antihomophobic analysis. The first, and my personal favorite, makes the only apparently The second axiom of Sedgwick's antihomophobic analysis in Epistemology of the ... Access Doc

Introduction To Culture And Literature
An axiom: an unquestionable basic rule that is accepted as true, epistemology. is one of the major binary oppositions in philosophy. closet drama (“könyvdráma”): ... Return Doc

Some Notes On Queer Theory Sedgwick, “Axiom 2” From
Some Notes on Queer Theory Based on the assigned readings, Hall, excerpt from Queer Theories (2003) Sedgwick, “Axiom 2” from Epistemology of the Closet (1990) ... Fetch Doc

History Of Western Philosophy
2 GREEK PHILOSOPHY 6. 2.1 RELIGIOUS ORIGINS OF GREEK PHILOSOPHY 6. 2.2 GREEK PHILOSOPHY: they were pioneers of the empirical tradition in epistemology. They were nominalists the third method may be regarded as an a way to generate an axiomatic system from a single axiom and the laws of ... Retrieve Document

From Epistemology of the Closet (From Introduction: "Axiomatic", Axiom 2). In The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism. Ed. Vincent B. Leitch et al. New York: Norton, 2001.* _____. "Proust and the Spectacle of the Closet." ... Read Content

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Of Leaves of Grass (1856) provides a terminus for my study" (p. 20); and (2) to exclude biography. Fone warns at the outset, virtually every post-modern axiom ("Camerado, this is no book, her influential Epistemology of the Closet ... Access Content

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epistemology; in other words, one that specifically emerges from an epistemological criticism of the first level. In this sense it is a striving for what might be called hyper-textual meaning, a meaning always latent within, but often suppressed by, ... Get Doc