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Lesson 8G - (Vocabulary)
El armario / el guardarropa closet / clothes closet el gancho clothes hanger la cómoda / el gavetero dresser / chest of drawers el cuadro painting Here is a link so you can hear the correct pronunciation of many of the bedroom vocabulary words!! Then ... Fetch Document

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Produce comprehensible intonation and pronunciation, create and present spoken and written communications, Make a list of everything in their closet/attic related to clothes that they can use in their project. Take notes on items, ... Get Document

1. English pronunciation: Phonetics And Phonology
closet wardrobe line queue cookie biscuit (potato) chips (potato) crisps corn maize sidewalk pavement pronunciation are of equal importance, nevertheless, in the rest of the book we will concentrate on articulation as it comprises a minimally necessary ... Access Content

Four Kinds Of Sentences
Example: Look in the closet. (You, look in the closet.) Quia sentence quiz Four Kinds of Sentences Language: Usage, mechanics, spelling, definition, pronunciation, sentence structure spi. 0501.1.5 Use correct end of sentence punctuation (e.g., period, question mark). What do you notice about ... Get Doc

ESL STANDARDS For Choral Reading Excerpt-Intended For High School
ESL III.S.1 Students will communicate with appropriate pronunciation, intonation, and stress.-a. Or a Woset in your Closet? Sometimes. I feel quite CERTAIN. there’s a JERTAIN. in the CURTAIN. Sometimes I have the feeling . there’s a ZLOCK . ... Read Here

PRONUNCIATION Scene 1: room supplies The voiceless th sound Asking for things (Well, there are not enough hangers in the closet. Could you ... Get Content Here

US Vs UK English Vocabulary Exercise*))Answers) US For rent apartment closet motor home freeway airplane torch! lift sidewalk pants line! schedule roundtrip eraser! UK tolet ... Retrieve Document

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The site displaces hubs of concentration through the pronunciation of grade changes. Thus, diminishing the The closet is two stories in height and its runway permeates into the living room through a set of heavy of curtains that dually ... Access Doc

Pronunciation Index For A To Z Picture Activities
closet KLAHZ uht 47 clothes KLOZ 19 cloud KLOUD 14, 82 cloudy KLOUD EE 97 coat KOT 14 coffee KAWF EE 31 coin KOYN 73, 83 colandar PRONUNCIATION INDEX A to Z Picture Activities: Phonics and Vocabulary for Emerging Readers © 2012 R C CLARK jelly fish JEL EE FISH 58 ... View Doc

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The second picture showed her in a room, staring at a bed with a bare mattress, a closet containing only coat hangers, and a bathroom with an empty medicine cabinet. o Work on pronunciation, especially tones, so that inaccurate pronunciation does not ... Retrieve Here

2nd Grade Vocabulary
Pronunciation. English Meaning. la la puerta PWAIR-tah door la ventana behn-TAH-nah window el reloj rey-LOH clock/watch el armario are-MAR-ee-oh closet el maestro/la maestro my-ES-troh/hrah male/female teacher el mapa MAH-pa map el libro LEE-bro book el cesto SES-toe wastebasket la basura ... Read Document
PRONUNCIATION JOURNEY: WHERE AM I? Please select the (light / right) one. I hope you’ll (collect / correct) me. (supplies / a surprise) in the closet. He’s a (film / firm) critic. She helps out in the (pool / poor) hall. He’s going shopping for (lacy / racy) clothes for his wife. ... Retrieve Content

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Closet . 16 Native Language Target Language Pronunciation Mnemonic * Bath Sink * Shower * Soap * Towel * Toilet Paper Tooth brush Tooth Pronunciation Mnemonic This That ARTICLES Articles can vary in each language. ... Retrieve Doc

UNIT WORDS PRONUNCIATION MEANING Morning Good Bye Book EraserUnit 1 Hello Fine Crayon Glue Stick Pencil Pencil Case Blue Green Red Yellow Alphabet Letter Closet Table Toy Box One Two Three Beibi Broder Children Feamily Fader Moder Parents Pipol Sister Iquals Minus Plass Bathrum Bedrum Kitchen ... Access Full Source

The Spanish Alphabet
Is a letter borrowed from English and is found only in words borrowed from other languages. whisky Washington wáter closet The “x” is pretty much as in English. examen the “v” is identical in pronunciation to the “b.” voy viernes nuevo lavar * Title: The Spanish alphabet ... Document Viewer

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Aco VCV Pattern metal What letters make the VCV pattern? eta closet What letters make the VCV pattern? ose Your c v m i / n u s v / c v VCV Pattern finish The routine doesn’t always give the correct pronunciation. A long in in the first ... Read More

However, that is not the correct pronunciation. People do not "clôset" in English-speaking countries. They say closet. Again, closet. What is a closet? Well, it's a space in a bedroom where people keep their clothes and other stuff. ... Retrieve Here

Names With And Without “THE”
Pronunciation is the most striking difference but there are also a number of differences in vocabulary and spelling as well as slight differences in grammar. On the whole, British people are exposed to a lot of American English on TV, ... Read Content